Research shows Tesla years ahead in battery tech

A new analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) shows that Tesla will be leading the field for EV batteries for years to come. The reason for this is, among other things, the low costs for the Panasonic batteries due to their low cobalt content.

While Tesla is planning on breaking the barrier to less than 100 dollars per kWh, and aims to expand this goal to battery packs by 2020, BNEF calculated that the rest of the market will not catch up to such prices before 2025, on average. “If Tesla reaches its pack-price milestone, it will be several years ahead of our industry benchmark,” BNEF said in the report.

Another advantage Tesla holds over their competition is the vertial integration of battery research and production within the company. However, the study authors added that Tesla was not really in a position to sit on their success, and would have to keep up the pace if they did not want to be passed by Chinese manufacturers, in particular. Otherwise they will see themselves being relegated to a benchmark in future.


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