Kreisel Electric presents 2-gear transmission for EVs


The Austrian company is moving to greener pastures and has presented a serial-ready, automated two-gear transmission for electric vehicles. It is attached to a specially developed transmission architecture developed in cooperation with Sala Drive.

The requirements for the transmission were that it would not only be able to allow for high acceleration and top speeds, but also work as a reliable connection to a powerful yet light battery, which was also specially developed for the venture.

Acceleration from 0 to 100 kph can be managed in about 2.5 seconds, while a top speed of 300 kph was set. The range is set at more than 350 km.

Further technical details were added by CEO Markus Kreisel: “An electric lube oil pump with integrated oil reservoir that self-enables on demand for maximum efficiency. Massively reduced drag losses due to a friction-optimized bearing arrangement. Electromechanical gear synchronization, which ensures the shortest torque interruptions through optimized torque and speed control of the electric drive during lightning-fast, 0.25-second gear shifts.”

The technology has good chances to be further optimised in future, as the company also added: “In a maximum expansion stage, e.g. through the use of more powerful electric motors, breathtaking output values of 600 kW and an input torque of up to 900 Nm can be managed in this way.” What this means for the next generation of EVs will be interesting to follow.


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