Aston Martin makes Wales its ‘Home of Electrification’

Aston Martin is working on a new plant in St. Athan in Wales. Once the Rapide E will roll off the lines here in 2019, the factory will become what Aston calls their “Home of Electrification”. By 2021, it will indeed house their EV label Lagonda.

Construction is underway in St. Athan as Ason Martin is working hard to convert a former Ministry of Defence site in Wales. By next year it is to produce the brand’s first electric car here, the Rapide E. Two years later, the site will house Aston’s super lux label Lagonda, specialising in electric cars.

While Aston has dubbed their upcoming plant its “Home of Electrification”, not every car produced at St Athan will be electrified. Yet, the brand aims for its entire lineup to have an electrified option by the mid 2020s, counting mild-hybrids.

Aston Martin St Athan is now in the third and final phase of construction. Production is due to begin in late 2019.

Already they have found mighty partners to deliver the Rapide E batteries, locally. Williams Advanced Engineering and Unipart have joined forces to produce power packs for electric vehicles. The joint venture Hyperbat Limited will see a manufacturing facility open in early 2019. The investment is part of the UK’s latest push for low carbon technology.,, (Hyperbat Limited)


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