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8,000 Microlino reservations worth €100 million


Micro Mobility Systems’ Isetta remake Microlino has already garnered 8,000 reservations, worth a 100 million euros. Moreover, production of the first 25 pre-serial units of the mini BEV has already begun with partner Tazzari.

The first of these pre-series models will be finished in early October, according to Micro Mobility Systems. The pre-series serves the electric car startup to refine production processes, before real serial production begins this December.

Reservations for the compact BEV with Isetta design came from all over the planet, however more than half were from Germany (3,257) and Switzerland (1,657), where the company is based. The market launch will begin in Switzerland, before expanding to other countries including Germany next year. The individual configuration of vehicle models will be possible on a website before production begins.

In July, the electric vehicle received official permission to ride on public roads, as the Microlino completed homologation, making the Swiss EV street legal in all European countries.

The official range during preliminary tests was set at 126 km with the small battery option (8 kWh), while the larger battery (14.4 kWh) is said to deliver 202 km of range.

The little two-seater was initially presented in Zurich last January and measures no more than 2.40 metres, an USP reminiscent of Smart. Yet, the Microlino shall be made available for about 12,000 euros, which is half the price of one of Daimler’s electric Smarts.

Micro Mobility’s partner Tazzari is in charge of production and holds half of the shares in the project. They are hoping for an electrically-powered comeback, after production of Tazzari’s own Zero – which is particularly well-known in Norway – dropped to a few hundred units per year. Considering the reservation numbers for the Microlino to date, their plan may indeed succeed.

For the time after sales, Micro Mobility Systems chose Bosch Car Service to help keep their mini electric car up and running.


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    I like it, I want one red

  2. Colin Butler

    When is the car on show in England,


    I like to reciv more information about this car and price too thank you

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