Aston Martin reveals specifications of the Rapide E


Aston Martin has officially announced the performance specifications of their first fully-electric vehicle, the Rapide E. The BEV will be released next year in a 155 model series. First deliveries are planned for the fourth quarter of 2019.

The vehicle is powered by two electric motors, with 449 kW performance capacity and 950 Nm torque. Energy storage is managed by a 800 volt battery architecture with 65 kWh capacity, which relies on more than 5,600 lithium-ion battery cells in the 18650 format. The batteries are stored in the area where motor, tank and transmission were located in previous models. A WLTP range of over 320 km is what the manufacturers are aiming for.

The top speed of the Rapide E was said to be 248 kph, with acceleration from 80 to 112 kph (50 to 70 mph) done in 1.5 seconds. The manufacturers added that these values were not taken from peak performance tests with full batteries and ideal conditions, but had been repeatedly achieved in a number of variations, and could thus be realistically relied upon.

The system partner for vehicle development was Williams Advanced Engineering, who also founded a joint venture with Unipart called JV Hyperbat to develop and manufacture batteries for EVs. JV Hyperbat will also manufacture all batteries for the Rapide E. The vehicle’s design has not fundamentally changed much from the original Rapide design, and the price has been estimated around 275,000 euro.

The debut BEV for Aston Martin will be manufactured in St Athan, Wales, which Aston Martin has designated as their “home of electrification“. There, the EV knowhow and technical competencies are bundled and as of 2021, the serial production for Aston Martin’s Lagonda brand will also begin.,,


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