Oct 15, 2018 - 05:30 pm

Hyundai to target FCEV market of France


Hyundai is getting ready to roll-out fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen infrastructure in France. 5,000 FCEVs await shipment from Korea latest by 2025. Moreover a cooperation agreement with Engie and Air Liquide is imminent.

Hyundai say they will work with local companies in order to establish their fuel cell electric vehicles as well as infrastructure in France. They did not provide any more details on those local firms. It is certain though that the Korean carmaker will sign a memorandum of understanding with Air Liquide and Engie this Tuesday.

Under the deal, the two French companies will establish “enough” hydrogen refilling stations for the 5,000 FCEVs Hyundai expects to deliver by 2025.

France is not the only potential partner on the list. Hyundai has shipped a total of 100 NEXO FCEVs to government organisations, start-ups and research institutes in the United States, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands since July, Yonhap News quotes a company spokes person.

Yet France has been seen recently to actively call for hydrogen. The Plan Hydrogène or hydrogen strategy is “to make France a world leader in this technology,” according to Minister Nicolas Hulot. President Macron’s man for the environment has managed to carve out a budget of 100 million euros to be allocated from 2019.



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