Oct 15, 2018 - 02:39 pm

Jaguar may turn into all-electric car brand by 2025

JLR is considering to turn Jaguar into an electric vehicle only brand within the next decade. Executives and their product planners have produced an outline strategy, says Autocar, complete with a future line-up of nothing but EVs.

++ Kindly see an update of this report below. ++

For now it is understood that the phase-out of all fossil-fuel powered models could happen in the next five to seven years so that Jaguar would offer nothing but electric cars from 2026. The then new 2025 I-Pace for example, would be joined by a replacement for the XJ in the next two years, positioned to rival Porsche’s Taycan as well as the Tesla Model S.

Autocar quotes early estimates to “suggest that a four or five-model all-electric Jaguar line-up could sell as many as 300,000 units per year, benefiting from much higher retail prices and surfing a trend that is expected to see a sizeable chunk of the luxury vehicle market switching to battery power”.

Moreover, the Jaguar I-Pace has received a warm welcome in the industry and JLR has since been working to increase their spending by about a quarter in order to offer electrified versions of its entire model range by 2025 (we reported). This strong demand has also led Jaguar to consider setting up their own battery production although the scheme obtained by Autocar see batteries for the electric car platform MLA coming from the new Coventry Hyperbat factory run by Williams Engineering and Unipart.

While the plans for turning Jaguar into an electric car only brand seem fairly evolved they have not gotten the green light – yet. Still, many in the company consider this a win-win option, not the least because it would allow Land Rover to continue building polluting vehicles whilst their combined fleet would stay within the CO2 emission limits set by governments worldwide.

Update, October, 18, 2018: A spokesperson of Jaguar today denied the above claim that Jaguar would turn into an EV only brand. They told German Automobilwoche: “We did not say there would be only EVs.” Well, neither did we nor Autocar strictly speaking but it is just too tempting an idea, is it not?!

autocar.co.uk, automobilwoche.de (update)


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