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Zero Motorcycles present 2019 e-bike lineup

New electric motorcycle models more powerful with more range


Zero Motorcycles announce updates to their electric motorbike lineup for 2019. Ten years in the game, the Californians are ready to deliver more power and more range and to serve a wide circle of customers for longer.

Zero Motorcycle launched their Charge Tank as an option last year. With the upgrades to their lineup, they also announced that said inverter that enables faster Level 2 charging, will be backwards compatible with all of their Zero S, SR, DS and DSR electric motorcycles from 2015 and later. But they made other upgrades too.

First for the entry level dual sports bike, namely the Zero DS and DSR. Both models will will be faster (+8% ) and come with additional power (+35%). The battery on the DS ZF7.2 remains the same size in order to keep both weight and price low. The 2019 Zero DS ZF14.4 though will feature the same battery as the premium DSR. That should give it ten percent more for a city range of 330 km and 160 km on the motorway.
The Zero DSR will have the same performance but some extra accessories such as a dual-sport windscreen, tank grips, hand guards and a 12V accessory socket.

Zero Motorcycles also upgrade their sports electric motorcycles by very similar factors. The entry-price Zero S ZF7.2 also received a 35% power increase over last year’s model. The Zero S ZF14.4 now comes with 10% more range than the 2018 model and is rated for 360 city kilometres or 180 highway km.

In keeping with Zero’s visual revamp from last year, all 2019 models feature new styling, including an overhauled color scheme and undercoat graphics package.

Zero Motorcycles’ 2019 models are now available in select dealerships around the world and will begin shipping to customers immediately.

electrek.co, zeromotorcycles.com


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  1. Colin Russell

    I get the small improvements every year, but I would much rather see some better features befitting a premium level bike. Eg rapid charging, traction control, reverse function, colour instrument display, twin front discs and a proper fairing. i will not be spending over £10000 to replace my current Zero for a later model just because it has 20 miles more range. It still has very slow charging capability and looks just the same.

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