Electric scooter start-up Unu raises €10 million


Unu has been around for a few years but can still be considered a start-up. Based in Berlin, the three boys just finished another round of financing, this time collecting 10 million euros from mostly existent investors.

Unu wants to use the fresh capital to scale up for their second-generation electric scooter. The new model emphasises connectivity, a function that could open up the hugely potential market of scooter sharing for Unu.

To date the 5 year old company has sold about 10,000 of their electric scooters, mostly to private customers. The latest face-lifted model starts at about 1,800 euros with the premium trim bringing the price up to €2,800 in their online shop.

Their offer is competitive and rounded up with a removable battery that can be charged anywhere. We are thinking, this would also enable them to set up a sharing offer not unlike Gogoro’s battery swap, but that is speculation at this point. The press release does mention local partnerships but fails to go into any detail.

Fact is, that both existing and a few new investors believe in Unu. Among them are Ponooc and the existing investors Capnamic Ventures, Iris Capital, Michael Baum and NRW.BANK.

Unu electric scooters are available in Germany, Austria, France, and the Netherlands. The company now employs about 80 people at their headquarters in Berlin.

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