Taiwan opens first fully electric bus line


The city of Taipei has opened it’s first fully electrified bus line. On the 31.5 km stretch a total of 12 electric buses will begin ferrying passengers. The buses are fitted with motors from Danfoss Editron, but these 12 are just the beginning.

The Taiwanese capital plans to have a total of 400 electric buses on their roads in only four years. The next 36 electric motors have already been ordered from Danfoss Editron, and will be delivered in early 2019.

For now, the first twelve electric buses cover a wide service area. They connect four MRT (that is the Taipei tube) stations, eleven schools and five large business areas.

When fully charged, the fleet is capable of a range over 260 km, although the exact battery capacity for the electric buses has not been disclosed. Each electric bus is said to be fully chargeable within five hours, however. The electricity for the buses will be provided via a 302 m² photovoltaic system on the roof of the bus depot.



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Steve Emsley
01.11.2018 um 21:18
China also has many electric buses. Some also operate overhead charging. A 15 second burst charges enough to reach the next stop, and charges whilst passengers get off and on. So no delays. Good stuff all round. Why don’t we have these in the UK? Oh I forgot, our government are climate change deniers.

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