Nov 5, 2018 - 01:42 pm

New Audi e-tron RSQ electric car is one of a kind


Audi has a new electric sports car. It does build on their upcoming e-tron but the RSQ model packs some extra special features that makes it one of a kind. Yet, do not get your hopes up too high to see it soon – the Audi RSQ is a virtual vehicle.

Virtual meaning digital, or say animated. Audi has worked with Hollywood to develop the electric super car. It stars in the upcoming animation movie “Spies in disguise” in which an animated secret agent has the voice of Will Smith.

Obviously, the movie being an animation left the developers with complete creative freedom and so the Audi e-tron RSQ is fully autonomous in a most agile manner, has a hologram speedometer and “special features for secret agents,” according to Audi. The latter have not been specified, yet we can imagine missiles but would prefer some carbon dioxide busting bubbles.

In any case, Audi clearly wants to promote their real Audi e-tron, the electric car that is to spawn a whole new line of series electric vehicles. The film car got the e-tron branding all over it in not an exactly subtle manner. Still, we like seeing that electric cars are now the new cool.

In real-life though, the e-tron is facing a few problems. Due to a software update, Audi had to delay deliveries of their electric SUV and push them to 2019 (we reported).


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