European roaming project evRoaming4EU is kick-ing off


The evRoaming4EU project is an initiative to enable roaming across Europe. Rather than going large scale from the start, partners from the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Austria have come together to set an example. The German launch event now took place with just one more country to follow.

The project sees partners from Austria, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands work together to facilitate roaming services for electric vehicles. Moreover they want to provide information about charging locations and prices using the open independent OCPI protocol.

Partners include charging infrastructure providers such as Eon or the utility Stromnetz Hamburg. Moreover, platforms for e-mobility like NKL Nederland or Copenhagen Electric are on board as well as the TU Eindhoven.

After the kick-off events in first the Netherlands and Denmark have taken place already, it was on Germany to follow. The launch took place at the headquarters of Stromnetz Hamburg, the city’s main electricity provider.

Austria will be next and the kick-off is scheduled for November, 19, when Enio invites local and international partners, suppliers and EV drivers to the TU Vienna to share knowledge and experiences.

The project involves regional and transnational pilots, aimed at addressing and resolving functional, technical, legal, and fiscal obstacles. Four regions in four different countries will implement the pilots for a start. Once completed, drivers shall be able to charge their EVs in other countries, will be invoiced correctly and have access to services.

The evRoaming4EU project for roaming between charging stations in Europe is open for new partners to join. The ultimate goal is to allow any electric vehicle driver to charge at any charging station in the EU. (project website, with video), (upcoming launch event in Austria), (kick-off Hamburg, in German)


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