Zapinamo power boosts rapid home charging

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There is a new player on the scene for rapid-charging boosted by stationary energy storage. Zapinamo is a Coventry-based start-up that patented a home (!) charging station with a “power boost” from an extra battery and thus enables an output of up to 350 kW.

Zapinamo calls their electric car car charging suite Hubz. The unit includes said power boost so that an electric vehicle can get an extra 50 miles worth of charge in 30 minutes from a domestic supply. That is charging with up to 50 kW from a regular power socket delivering 3 – 7 kW but Zapinamo says their technology can go “upward of 350kW” to respond to market needs calling for high power charging.

The young company patented their design and worked under the InnovateUK umbrella while collaborating with academic partners including WMG, at the University of Warwick, who is one of the founding consortium partners for the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre.

Apart from the Hubz base unit, Zapinamo also promotes their Streethubz unit for boosting on street charging as well as the Parkhubz station designed to fit into car parking bays without reducing vehicle access. It is in operation at London’s Heathrow Airport already.

Last but not least, Zapinamo developed EVIE, their Electric Vehicle Information Exchange system which uses AI and machine learning techniques to gather data from the grid and maximise it for the end users’ needs for EV charging.

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