Dec 1, 2018 - 05:21 pm

UK charging station expansion at Tesco’s and Marston’s


The EV charging network in the UK will be expanded in two new initiatives over the next few years: Volkswagen plans to install more than 2,400 charging stations at Tesco locations, while Engenie plans to install 400 fast charging stations at Marston’s pubs.

We’ll begin with the bigger order: The German carmaker joined up with the supermarket chain Tesco and the charging infrastructure provider Pod Point with the goal of setting up over 2,400 charging stations across 600 shops over the next three years. This will include both free-to-use 7 kW chargers, as well as 50 kW fast chargers, which customers will have to pay for.

Rumour is, that Volkswagen will oversee the construction of the largest commercially-bound EV charging network in Great Britain. The impact of the project will be a 14% increase of public charging stations in the UK, according to the manufacturer. It should be noted that 7 kW is a comparatively low charging capacity, however, we do concede that currently the majority of EVs is only capable of single-phase charging anyways.

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Seeing Volkswagen in the role of an infrastructure specialist is quite new, especially in Germany. The company themselves have stated that they plan to sell more than a million electric vehicles per year by 2025, which means they may have to help out public infrastructure for the goal to be feasible. A company statement added that Volkswagen was planning extensive activities in the areas of energy and charging infrastructure in the future, and putting them into a more core global focus for the brand.

The British pub operators Marston’s Inns and Taverns is cooperating with the charging infrastructure operator Engenie, in order to install 400 fast charging stations at their pubs with 50 kW capacity. In the first phase, 18 locations will see two Engenie fast chargers installed each by early 2019. In total, the pub operators have about 1,600 electric vehicle charging locations across the UK on their roster.,,, (Tesco), (Marston’s)


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