ALD, NSB & GreenMobility launch Oslo car sharing


Fleet specialist ALD Automotive has launched an electric vehicle sharing service in Oslo in cooperation with train operator NSB and the Danish mobility service provider GreenMobility. Starting this December, 250 Renault Zoe will be available for rental via app.

The new service is supposed to help alleviate public transport, by offering an additional alternative for passengers. It will also be the first free floating car sharing service in the Norwegian capital. The localization, booking, access and payment are all done via pp, where customers can choose between paying via minute, per day or in a monthly subscription model, which contains 20 hours of driving time.

Norway is known for being an e-mobility pioneer, and almost every second vehicle registered in the Scandinavian nation is currently an EV. According to the most recent CAM study, the market percentage of electric vehicles in Norway in the first three quarters of 2018 climbed almost ten percent from 37% to 46.7% compared to the previous year. Combustion motors area steadily growing into a niche role in Norway, as only 16% of new vehicles registered in September were gasoline, with another 12% being diesel.,

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Hartmut Luecke
08.02.2019 um 15:12
Where do you sign up? I live in Oslo (downtown)

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