Volvo completes electric bus order in Malmö


Electric transport is coming to Sweden as Volvo delivers 13 all-electric buses to the city of Malmö in the Skåne region. The buses will service the entire route 7 in Malmö from mid-December and are among the bigger investments in electric public transit in the country.

Volvo has supplied the electric buses to the region’s public transport provider Skånetrafiken less than two years after the order had been placed reportedly.

The 13 electric buses of type Volvo 7900 Electric will serve on a distance of just under 15 kilometres and run between Svågertorp and Ön via Malmö Centre starting on December, 9.

For Skånetrafiken the electric buses are their first such models. They say the electric buses will be powered by electricity from renewables via charging stations at the final stops, a process that takes between two and six minutes.

Volvo has also sold all-electric buses to Gothenburg, and electric hybrids to Värnamo in Sweden. On the company’s overseas markets, Volvo delivered their electric buses to the Netherlands and Norway to name but a few. All told the company has sold more than 4,000 electrified Volvo buses globally.

The Volvo 7900 Electric is the company’s only all-electric model to date. The battery holds 200 kWh and Volvo typically provides all maintenance for both the electric vehicles and their batteries at a fixed monthly cost.


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