All-electric tender for super yachts powered by Torqeedo

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Image: X Shore

The Swedish entrepreneur Konrad Bergström has developed a speedy tender for super yachts. Using a Torqeedo propulsion, the X Shore boat is fully electric and has a distinctly Nordic look thanks to a cooperation with the Norra Norr design house.

As is the case with Torqueedo electric drives for boats, the X Shore’s system is powered by a battery known from the BMW i3 electric vehicle. While the initial development was sparked by entrepreneur Bergström, Torqeedo CEO Christoph Ballin knows the advantages.

Says Ballin: “An electric tender offers many advantages to the yacht owner, including reduced maintenance and a simplified fuel mix onboard.” Moreover, the specifically designed hull takes in air from the sides, reducing friction and increasing efficiency.

The tender was developed in cooperation with Hans Bergström, Jeppe Cavallie, Glenn Karlsson from Seamaster and Norra Norr design house.

The yacht the tender belongs to can still be seen at the Salon Nautique International de Paris until 16 December, along with the new electric boat motors that Torqeedo will be launching in 2019. The manufacturer already introduced the new generation in mid-November, and now the most powerful innovations will take the stage in Paris.

Novelties by Torqueedo for 2019 include new drives that essentially double the performance and can be integrated into a twin system then delivering up to 200 kW – twice as much as before. Also new in the line-up is the Travel 1103 C electric motor for tenders and sailboats. It is said to be the quietest motor in its class due to its gearless direct drive and low-noise technology.

The X Shore is not the first tender boat with Torqueedo drive. Avon debuted the eJET 450, a 100% electric tender in September (we reported). (X Shore), (Salon Nautique International)

Reporting by Nora Manthey.


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