Will Tesla really ship 3,000 EVs a week to Europe?


We can’t say for sure, but after Tesla recently announced that Model 3 will also be available in Europe from February, there are now the first indications of the planned quantities. According to Belgian media, Tesla plans to ship 3,000 vehicles per week to Europe starting in February.

However, this figure does not only include the Model 3, but also the Model S and X and it is unclear in which proportion. The report details the distribution however, saying that the weekly Tesla delivery will arrive the port of Bruges-Zeebrugge in Belgium to be transported to Tesla’s delivery centres throughout Europe.

According to the above-mentioned report, the shipping contract has been awarded to the logistics company International Car Operators (ICO), taking advantage of their roll-on and roll-off vessels, suitable for fast loading and unloading. The sea route is expected to take about 15 days.

Meanwhile, Tesla is expanding its branch network in the USA. Eleven new dealerships will be opened this week alone –  a ten per cent expansion of the current network. Four of the new dealerships are to open in Tesla’s home state of California.

Plus, the week would not be complete without Elon Musk wetting the market’s appetite. The Tesla boss has indicated that they could present a prototype of the planned pickup truck during the course of next year. Musk had confirmed plans for said expansion of their model range only earlier this year. The prototype is to be built in January right after Tesla’s upcoming electric SUV, the Model Y.

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about „Will Tesla really ship 3,000 EVs a week to Europe?“
Dick rakhorst
02.01.2019 um 10:18
Is there already an update ? When will first Ship arrive in Zeebrugge ?

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