Brusa takes wireless charging from 3.7 to 11kW


Following the successful start of series production with BMW, developer Brusa Elektronik from Switzerland is expanding its activities in the field of inductive charging. A growing team will work on next-gen wireless charging technology and envisions a modular design.

Inductive charging of electric cars is becoming a reality, latest since Brusa and BMW have started selling the option for the 530e iPerformance last July. Still, seeing it work as a serial product is no small motivation for Brusa Elektronik taking the technology further. CEO Dr. Rainer Kern says they will expand the division and also grow the team.

Technically Brusa is approaching the second generation of wireless charging that incorporates learnings from the initial series. The new Brusa is a modular system that will enable electric vehicle drivers to charge with powers ranging from 3.7 to 11 kW, all with one and the same base plate and an adapted coil. The station also adapts to two ground clearances.

Brusa calls the technology ‘Frame’ due to the integrated character of the design. Components for safety and comfort as well as power electronics can be packed inside both the ground pad and vehicle module for example, thus saving space and cost.

Back in 2018, TÜV Rheinland certified the first generation of Brusa and BMW wireless charging technology as it adheres to the Wireless Power Transfer Norm IEC61980. Yet, when exactly the new modular Frame system of inductive charging will reach the market has yet to be seen. (press release, in German)


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