Tesla presents plug-in home charger


Tesla presents a new home charging solution that just plugs into a regular wall socket, given it is a high-voltage NEMA 14-50 connection so common in the USA. Thus it is the first Tesla charging solution that does not require hard-wiring.

By making use of a standard NEMA 14-50 plug, the carmaker has managed to circumvent one of the more significant difficulties for private charging stations. The need for an electrician when installing a charging station has effectively been eliminated with the new charging solution.

At the same time, Tesla also managed to improve the charging speed. “The new offering provides up to 40 amps (9.6 kW) to most Tesla vehicles while the Gen 2 Mobile Connector caps at 32 amps,” according to the manufacturer.

Tesla does admit that the new solution is not as fast as the hardwired version, and lowered the cost proportionally. Particularly with the advent of smaller electrified vehicles for cities, a slower charging approach with a lower entry cost may be the winning strategy. A Tesla Wall Connector charger currently costs 500 dollars.,,


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