Jan 22, 2019

Nissan updates Leaf software after #rapidgate


Nissan is now offering a software update for Leaf models with a 40 kWh battery to correct the significant reduction of the DC charging power that occurred under the so-called Rapidgate.

A Nissan spokesman told electrive that they would offer the for all Leaf models produced between 8 December 2017 and 9 May 2018. Electric vehicles with a later production date already have the current software version.

With the hashtag #rapidgate in April last year, owners of the Nissan Leaf (40 kWh) complained about problems with fast charging for longer distances with repeated charging with relatively short breaks in-between. Our editors put this to the test and could confirm the problem. According to the Japanese carmaker, the Leaf has “safety precautions” to protect the battery during repeated rapid charging processes. These are important for the service life of the powerpack, not least due to a lack of thermal management. The latter was a compromise to be able to offer a bigger battery pack without changing its dimension.

Now Nissan has tackled this problem and provided a software update. Newer vehicles already have the latest version. However, since this is not a hardware update, the long-term consequences with regard to degradation are still unclear. Nissan seems confident, however, as the battery’s warranty conditions have not changed for the latest models.



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7 Kommentare zu “Nissan updates Leaf software after #rapidgate

  1. When is the update supposed to be available and/or distributed? Will we be notified?
    I have called several dealers and they haven’t found any updates and my VIN doesn’t have any updates.
    Maybe too early?

    • Hey Bill,

      you are from Europe? Because only there will the update be available.

  2. Nissan has completely missed the boat the should have active temperature controls in the battery pack it could be as simple as running air conditioner through the battery pack.

  3. Can we stop adding the word gate after things? Watergate was the name of the hotel. Nothing since has deserved the word gate after it. It’s getting kind of annoying at this point.

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