Poland: ABB delivering infrastructure tech to PKN Orlen


ABB is the third supplier to supply EkoEnergetyka and EFACEC Multi-Charger for the planned construction of 150 fast charging stations at PKN Orlen fuel stations in Poland. The Swiss company will be bringing their newest station Terra 54, successor to ABB’s sales hit Terra 53.

As reported, the first stage of the project envisages the installation of around 50 fast chargers by the end of this year. They will be compatible with CHAdeMO, as well as with CCS and Type 2 charging. The multi chargers offer charging capacities of up to 50 kW.

According to the Swiss company, they have released a new version of the charger in order to adapt it to future technical requirements that the European Union plans to implement. The new model has a number of new and improved functions, including payment functionality, so that users only pay for the kWh they consume. ABB also talks about better handling and more stable connector mounts, innovative power electronics and long-term component availability. The chargers are also prepared for intelligent charging profiles and Site-Load-Management and can be integrated into ABB’s networked services.

Managing Director for charging infrastructure at ABB, Frank Muehlon, said that the agreement differs from previous projects. He revealed that, in addition to the planning, installation and commissioning of the charging stations, this contract also “covers a wide range of maintenance services (…) as well as availability of constant technical support”.



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