VW compact EV made CO2 neutral and named ID.3


The first VW brand electric model based on the MEB modular system, which was previously known under the name ID. or the working title ID. Neo is to be sold under the name ID.3, according to group insiders. However, the final decision will probably not be made until March. 

The new name was leaked in an article by the German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche. Smaller electric cars with the names ID.1 and ID.2 and larger models with the designations ID.4 to ID.9 are likely to follow the middle class model. An off-road vehicle variant is also planned for each ID.-model that will carry the additional letter X. Last November, VW applied for trademark protection for these designations.

The VW logo will also be given a new design, as Wirtschafts Woche reported: “Instead of being three-dimensional and in chrome, the logo is emblazoned on the E models in two dimensions with background lighting”. The first electric car to bear the logo will again be the ID. or ID.3, which will go into series production in Zwickau at the end of this year. The emblem will first enjoy an official introduction in the course of the year.

In the meantime, VW today published an announcement announcing that the ID. or ID.3 will be “the Group’s first production car to be produced in a climate-neutral manner”. This is in accordance with the company’s comprehensive plan for sustainable mobility. The VW brand is also revising its model targets and is now talking about more than 20 purely electric models that it intends to launch on the market by 2025.

Last but not least, at the 1st Symposium of the Volkswagen Group Components, Wolfsburg Plant Manager Martin Schmuck and his team reported on the VW chassis. In the future, every new electric car built in Europe on the basis of the MEB will run with drive shafts from Volkswagen chassis. In the production of this component, energy requirements and CO2 emissions are to be reduced by 20 per cent through environmentally friendly and cost-reducing processes. In addition, the improvement of existing drive shafts, as well as the development of new joints, are contributing to a significant increase in the range of electric vehicles through recuperation. The restructured Volkswagen Components division now also has Group-wide responsibility for the entire topic of energy storage., (sustainable mobility plan), (1. Symposium)


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