Deliveries of Kia e-Niro delayed due to shortages


Buyers of the Kia Niro EV in Europe must be patient as they are currently looking at delivery times of over a year. Thus states a letter to dealers in which Kia explains that “Europe-wide demand clearly exceeds expectations and current battery production capacity”.

In short, this means that Kia as many other carmakers cannot get enough material mostly for batteries to be supplied fast enough. The letter to dealers was made available to electrive.

In the letter, Kia further states that the delay applies both to new orders of their electric car and to already concluded orders for the e-Niro. Accordingly, it is recommended for dealers to adjust the generally communicated delivery forecast from “6 months from order” to “at least 12 months from order”. Also, the company added that prioritise “to ensure nationwide availability with demonstration vehicles, in order to enable as many potential buyers as possible to obtain comprehensive advice and test drives”.

Even early buyers have to be put off. According to the document, vehicles that were advertised for delivery in spring 2019 will not be available until significantly later. In effect, the production figures were subsequently adjusted downwards due to supplier capacities.

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about „Deliveries of Kia e-Niro delayed due to shortages“
25.02.2019 um 10:52
I have ordered an E-Niro through work and the expected delivery date is 'Early July 2020'. Wow!
04.03.2019 um 11:37
Ordered a Kia e-Niro More 64Kw in Belgium, expected delivery November 15th 2019.

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