Share2Drive releases details of EV concept SVEN


The Aachen-based electric mobility startup Share2Drive will present its SVEN (Shared Vehicle Electric Native) at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday, 5 March as a concept demonstrator and has released the first technical details of the city get-around in advance.

The 2.5 meters short and 1.75-metre narrow 2+1 seater is powered by an electric motor with 24 kW and has a battery capacity of 20 kWh, which should enable a WLTP range of 140 kilometres.

For the first time, the company posted actual photos of SVEN in the run-up to the Motor Show as until now only renderings of the new battery electric vehicle had been in circulation. The small electric car is optimised for the specific requirements of car sharing, says Share2Drive in a press statement: “SVEN finds its way easily in tight inner-city traffic and fits into even the smallest parking spaces. The swivel-sliding door with its low space requirement guarantees that passengers can get out of the car easily, even when parking sideways”.

Thanks to software, car sharing customers can store an individual profile so that parameters like temperature, seating position, or a personal audio playlist are immediately available. According to Share2Drive, all functions of the electric city car are otherwise accessible via eight switches or buttons so that users can quickly find their way around.

Like StreetScooter and e.Go, Share2Drive is a German startup founded (in 2015) as a spin-off initiated by Aachen University of Applied Sciences. In October last year, the company announced its intention to produce up to 10,000 units of the electric sharing car annually. Cost per unit: less than 22,000 euros. According to the manufacturer, established OEMs have already shown interest in investing in SVEN.

At present, the Aachen-based company FEV acts as the main development partner for the vehicle and owns 86 per cent of shares in Share2Drive. The remaining 14 per cent have recently been taken over by Niederrhein Energie und Wasser AG, a utility from the German town of Mönchengladbach, which plans to use the small electric car as a car sharing vehicle in its region from 2021. According to FEV, however, it will withdraw as an investor in the longer term and sell its shares in the company. Share2Drive, therefore, intends to press ahead with the market launch of SVEN with further strategic investors.

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