Mar 2, 2019 - 02:04 pm

Techrules plans serial start for turbine range extender


Techrules of China has already presented several electric car concepts with its TREV technology (Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle). Now the technology os approaching serial maturity and is to go into production by the end of this year.

In concrete terms, this is a smaller and cheaper version of the turbine range extender presented in the 2017 and 2018 electric vehicle concepts, including in Geneva. According to Techrules, the 15 kW version is suitable as a range extender for electric cars and commercial vehicles but also use in stationary and mobile charging stations.

The company’s top priority at the moment is to negotiate with local authorities to start building a plant. Also, Techrules says it is looking for an international partner to complete the development and production of its racing car with TREV technology. Discussions on strategic alliances are expected to be at an advanced stage.

“Since we showcased the Ren supercar with a twin 80 kW turbine set-up at the 2017 and 2018 Geneva Motor Shows, we received a tremendous amount of interest from OEMs around the world,” says CEO William Jin. Many had been interested in increasing the range of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. “So, we decided to adjust our strategy and develop a smaller and cheaper 15 kW version which is more suitable for commercial and passenger vehicles. This is allowing us to commercialise the TREV system much faster: we will be ready for mass production by the end of 2019,” the Techrules CEO added.,, techrules-news


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