Mar 11, 2019 - 11:28 pm

Ikea Australia commits to 100% EV fleet by 2025


IKEA Australia is electrifying its entire fleet with a commitment to have quit internal combustion engines for all delivery and assembly vehicles nationally by 2025. IKEA Australia has a fleet of around 100 trucks to swap for EVs.

The move by the down under outlet of the Swedish corporation is well in line with the company global strategy. Ikea is part of the EV100 initiative that calls for a change to zero-emission vehicles and for Ikea, this means electrifying 25% of deliveries by 2020, and to deliver with EVs only by 2025 reportedly.

This mission has lastly been accelerated with the furniture giant planning for deliveries in the inner city areas of Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Shanghai to be conducted in a fully electric manner. In fact, Shanghai has since made this a reality ahead of schedule and it looks as if Australia just stepped in as well with the first seven electric vans operating in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

In a statement, Ikea Australia said that its shift to electric vehicles would start indeed immediately and reach 5% in FY2019, 10% in FY2020 and finally a 100% by 2025. The company use a fleet of around 100 trucks to deliver large furniture and around 250 vehicles for delivering smaller goods.

Ikea Australia works with external logistics companies that have their vehicle retro-fitted by the local conversion specialist SEA Electric.,,


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