Swiss eQooder with Zero Motorcycles tech coming out


Swiss Quadro Vehicles has brought the eQooder to its home show in Geneva. The flexible four-wheeler builds on a quad but incorporates EV technology from Zero Motorcycles. It remains a little unclear what species the LEV will last belong to, but the on-sale is set.

Quadro Vehicles had announced the cooperation with Zero Motorcycles in November last year and plans have since progressed to a close to production ready version now on display in Geneva alongside the full spec.

Building on the existing Qooder quad in terms of mechanics, Zero’s drive technology spins the wondrous blend into the realm of maxi scooters and beyond actually. The eQooder reaches 45 kW maximum power and 110Nm maximum machine torque, almost double of the power and three times higher than the original model, according to Quadro’s website.

The battery packs 10.8 kWh and has also been supplied from Zero Motorcycles. On range, Quadro takes a decisively European take when it says: “The eQooder will be able to travel in and out and within the historical center of Rome 150 times, cross the Paris Boulevard Périphérique 5 times, or the Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona 15 times.”

That is in case you want to go in circles – so in more straightforward numbers, this is about 150 kilometres worth of travel on one charge. We also know that electric quad has retained the hydraulic tilting system, that allows it to tilt up to 45 degrees without any of the four wheels losing contact with the ground. Talking about tilting actually brings the Toyota i-Road and later Ha:Mo service to mind and last we heard, trials will still be running until the end of this year.

But back to Quadro Vehicles. They say the eQooder will be launched in Europe this December and the company is already accepting €5,000 deposits via the website. The full price of the electric vehicle has yet to be revealed.,


about „Swiss eQooder with Zero Motorcycles tech coming out“
12.03.2019 um 10:42
a defective Zero Motorcycles powertrain on 4 wheels. all in the name of progress.
Miguel Perez
08.07.2022 um 20:53
To whom it may concern where in Texas do I find a Quardo 4 dealership? and do they do custom Quardo 4 to the need of the ride ? Thank you for your help God bless you and all of your family.

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