460 StreetScooter considered potentially flammable


Deutsche Post/DHL classified 460 units of their StreetScooter vehicles as potentially at risk of fire and withdrew them from circulation until further notice. These electric transporters will not be put back on the road until they have been inspected.

The German TV channel MDR broke the news ahead of a report in the TV show Plusminus, which will be broadcast tonight. In concrete terms, the issue concerns the Work L model built in 2018.

The investigation was apparently based on two vehicle fires in November 2018 in the towns of Singen and Teuchern. “The fires each started from the battery. […] The cause is most likely that the subcontractor did not carry out joint welds inside the traction batteries,” says Plusminus, quoting from a Deutsche Post’s internal letter.

As a precautionary measure, all affected electric transporters are currently being checked for batteries and upgraded as necessary. Deutsche Post has more than 9,000 StreetScooters presently in its fleet.


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about „460 StreetScooter considered potentially flammable“
James Davey
20.03.2019 um 23:41
Considering they subcontract themselves and just use the battery cells to put their own battery together, this sounds like a poor excuse of not knowing or having the situation under control.

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