Oslo gets wireless fast-charging system for taxis


Energy supplier Fortum and U.S. American specialist Momentum Dynamics are to set up a wireless fast-charging infrastructure for taxis in Oslo. By 2023 all taxis in the Norwegian capital must be electrically powered.

As part of the project, inductive charging technology will be installed at taxi stands in Oslo that will allow charging of electric taxis with up to 75 kW. Momentum Dynamics is already implementing inductive charging systems for electric buses with up to 200 kW charging power in the USA. Already at their inauguration in April 2018, the manufacturer announced its intention to install further inductive charging systems in the USA and to establish them in Europe as of 2019.

In Oslo, pallets are now to be installed in selected locations in the ground. Taxi drivers with a compatible receiver installed in their vehicles will stop there. From the company’s point of view, this method makes sense because “it is too time-consuming for taxi drivers to find a charger, plug in and then wait until the car is charged”. The wireless fast-charging project aims to solve this problem.

“We will install the wireless chargers at taxi stands such as Oslo Central Station,” says Annika Hoffner, head of Fortum Charge & Drive. This would allow the taxis to recharge in a place where they would be waiting for new customers anyway. “The difference is that they won’t be emitting exhaust while waiting, instead they will be receiving renewable energy to charge the taxi’s battery,” explained Hoffner. A better case of opportunity charging would be hard to make, and indeed CEO Andrew Daga of Momentum Dynamics believes “this project will provide the world with the model it needs for keeping electric taxis in continuous 24/7 operation”.

Fortum, Momentum Dynamics and the City of Oslo are currently in the process of installing this wireless fast-charging infrastructure in Norway.


Additional reporting by Nora Manthey.


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