Tesla upgrades 2nd-gen Superchargers


Tesla has started to install a software update that increases the maximum usable charging capacity of the currently more than 12,000 second-generation superchargers worldwide from 120 to 145 kW.

This follows the earlier launch of V3-Supercharging that only the Model 3 can take so far. Tesla had already announced this update at the beginning of this month during the presentation of the third Supercharger generation. The latter is capable to provide charging capacities of up to 250 kW, it was said. And unlike the second-generation Superchargers, the power split is also eliminated.

But before their nationwide installation begins, the Californians are gradually releasing more charging power on their existing Superchargers. This is just a software update. It has been known for several years that Tesla’s fast chargers can theoretically charge up to 145 kW. Until now, vehicles have been the limiting factor. Since this week, however, Tesla has also been rolling out a software update (version 2019.7.11) for Model 3 so that it can take advantage of the increased charging power. Tesla had also promised customers of Model S and Model X more charging power. So far, however, this announcement has not been changed.

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