Mar 27, 2019 - 10:38 pm

UK: UPS rolls-out Rex EVs powered by Tevva Motors


The logistics giant UPS plans to bring 15 electric vans with range extenders onto British roads in the next few weeks and deploy them permanently. In the EVs developed in cooperation with Tevva Motors, a small diesel engine is used to charge the batteries.

British Tevva Motors has been offering its range-extended system for over two years now and claims it can convert any truck up to 7.5 ton into an electric vehicle reportedly. For UPS the 15 transporters will operate in two areas with ten carriers in Birmingham and five more in Southampton.

Technologically, a small 1.6-litre diesel engine can charge up the battery while the vehicle is driving and is beginning to run low. Tevva Motors claim their system can enable the vehicle to potentially travel several hundred kilometres further than an equivalent EV’s range of 75-100km on a single charge.

While the vans will run mostly in electric mode in towns, UPS envisages the new vehicles more efficiently linking up its inner-city distribution centres with depots further out-of-town.

For UPS this is not the first foray into electric mobility as the logistics operator is working with various companies on custom solutions. The trial with Tevva dates back to 2015. Also located in Britain is the project with Arrival to develop 35 electric van for deployment in London and Paris (we reported). Over in the States the delivery firm has been working with both Workhorse and Thor on EV development and Tesla too counts UPS among the largest clients for the much expected Semi electric truck., (all UPS news items)


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  1. Tomas Nugy

    Isn’t that extremely costly? Watch out UPS…Amazon get’s you while you drive 400km in the Country…

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