Curtiss opens the books for Zeus


The U.S. American company Curtiss Motorcycles is now accepting advance orders for its Zeus electric motorcycle, which was presented as a prototype almost a year ago. The electric bike offers 140 kW of power, a maximum range of 450 km and costs 60,000 dollars. Production is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2020.

Zeus will be available in two versions, Café Racer and Bobber, which were both unveiled at EICMA last November. While the first variant with a modern look remains close to the prototype, the latter is inspired by machines from the 1950s, with futuristic accents and completely immersed in black. According to Curtiss, the modular chassis consists of machined aluminium and a carbon fibre hull. This is joined by 17-inch wheels. The motorbikes’ range of 450 kms is currently the longest range on the market. The above-mentioned purchase price is valid for both types, online pre-orders are associated with a deposit of 6,000 dollars.

The Americans have not yet given an in-depth look at the technical data of the future serial version. All that has been released so far are the performance and range mentioned above. At the presentation almost a year ago it was stated that the Zeus would be equipped with two electric motors from Zero Motorcycles and that the capacity of the battery pack in the concept would be 14.4 kWh, whereby this would be explicitly increased for the serial model.

The Zeus is the first model since Confederate Motorcycles was renamed Curtiss Motorcycles in September 2017, when the manufacturer also declared electric two-wheelers to be its new focus. The name Curtiss is a tribute to the motorcycle and aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss. The Zeus’s optical lineage of its Confederate predecessors is quite apparent. According to the company, the debut model gives a sample taste of other electric motorcycles to follow. Curtiss wants to offer a choice for every taste and budget. The manufacturer describes the DNA of the motorcycles with the catchwords: organic, pure and simple minimalism.,


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Colin Russell
09.04.2019 um 08:44
With the aerodynamics of a barn door, I expect this bike to have an effective range of about 100 miles at regular highway speeds. Ride it hard and it will be more like 60 miles. Race it and it may only have enough for 40 miles Unless this company has done some sort of alchemy on the battery and developed a game changing new powertrain, then they need to be honest about expected real world range. Their claims seem to be pure marketing hyperbole.

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