Enovate to cooperate with ProLogium on solid-state battery


The electric car brand Enovate of China that belongs to DearCC has signed a cooperation agreement with cell manufacturer ProLogium of Taiwan to work together on the commercialisation of solid-state batteries for electric cars.

Enovate was founded by Chinese manufacturer DearCC as a premium electric car brand and the group was henceforth called Enovate Automobile Technology Group. The terms of the new solid-state battery cooperation stipulate that ProLogium will enable Enovate to use its solid-state lithium-ceramic battery (SCB) technology, while ProLogium will have priority to upgrade cells for higher energy density. The partnership will also mean that the two companies will team up with other strategic partners on collaborations in assembly-line construction.

We recently reported that Enovate had started construction of its first electric car plant. The Chinese startup presented the concept of a fully electric sports sedan called ME-S at Auto Shanghai, which is scheduled for market launch in 2021 – allegedly with solid-state cells with an energy density of 750 Wh/l. No other details have yet been released except that the car will have an acceleration of 0-100 km in under three seconds. The Chinese electric vehicle startup apparently aims to release more new models covering sedan, SUV and MPV segments over the next five years.




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