Apr 27, 2019 - 06:30 pm

Tesla Superchargers charging with up to 150 kW

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Tesla is getting more capacity out of their second generation superchargers with a little more power than previously known. An increase in power from 120 kW to 145 kW was announced in March, but a spokesperson has now said that the upgrade will even enable 150 kW peak power.

The Tesla spokesperson states that thanks to a new software update to be released this week, the Model 3 with a long-range battery and the Models S and X with 100 kWh batteries could benefit from up to 150 kW of charging power.

Besides, the “On-Route Battery Warmup” function was also announced and is intended to reduce charging times by up to 25 per cent. Tesla will now apply it to all Model S and Model X models worldwide. The system works as follows: When Tesla drivers navigate to a Supercharger, the battery is preheated “intelligently” to ensure that it reaches the optimum charging temperature on arrival at the Supercharger.

Meanwhile, Tesla already has the third generation of Superchargers in the pipeline. New control cabinets with an output of 1 MW and liquid-cooled cables will enable charging capacities of up to 250 kW per Supercharger in future. While Model 3 will be able to call up the full charging power, Model S and Model X will be able to charge up to 200 kW on the new units.



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