BP Chargemaster to roll out fast charging in the UK


BP Chargemaster plans to establish a network of 400 150 kW high-power charging points at BP sites in the UK by 2021, of which the first 100 will be installed at 50 sites this year. Installation is scheduled to begin in July.

The chargers will be part of the Polar network, which is made up of over 6,500 public charging points across the UK. Although companies such as Pod Point, Fastned and Ionity all claim to be rolling out chargers capable of supplying power at 150kW and above, there is currently only a handful in of fast chargers in operation in the UK. Current fast chargers typically replenish EV batteries at a rate of between 43kW and 50kW, while Tesla Superchargers charge at between 120 and 150 kW, depending on the version. The announcement from BP Chargemaster is, therefore, the biggest commitment to fast charging infrastructure so far.

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