US Democrats support combustion sales ban for 2040


In the USA, Democrats are launching a new bill to end the sale of cars with internal combustion engines nationwide from 2040. As an interim goal, the draft stipulates that by 2030 half of all new sold vehicles must be emissions-free.

The quota of 50 per cent is to be increased by five per cent in each of the following years, so that from 2040 only electric vehicles will be newly registered. The bill proposed by Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon is supported by a number of other Democrat senators. However, the chances of implementation are rather low, as the US Senate is currently controlled by Republicans.

At a time when many Americans are in support of the New Green Deal, it may seem contradictory to argue with the Republican administration, which generally favors business interests over the environment. However the political climate in the USA is also rapidly changing in regards to the new technology, and automobile manufacturers such as GM and Tesla have repeatedly called on the administration to update their policies to support their manufacturing plans.

It is likely a prudent move to signal readiness to adapt to a modern marketplace, even if the bill is likely to be buried in the Republican-dominated Senate. Apart from signaling to other lawmakers that there is disagreement regarding their policies, it also constitutes good advertisement for voters and the companies hoping to have these laws changed. The organisers behind the bill also recognized that the automobile industry is also not entirely behind the new policies, as many of the old structures behind the production of combustion vehicles still stand strong. “The auto companies are currently fighting against making more electric vehicles, and they, of course, would try to prevent this from becoming law,” Senator Jeff Merkley from Oregon said. “It’s absolutely aggressive, and it should be.”

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