May 18, 2019 - 03:31 pm

Eastern Europe: InoBat and MOL prepare for hydrogen projects


Slovakian-based e-mobility company InoBat and Hungarian oil company MOL announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to develop hydrogen projects. The focus will be on activities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Details are still scarce, but both companies indicate that they will focus on the procurement and supply of hydrogen, the development and testing of hydrogen-rich liquid fuel, the distribution and sale of this fuel and possibly the construction of a production facility including a fuel recycling plant.

InoBat is a company founded in 2018 to work in the fields of electromobility, energy storage and hydrogen with the aim of bringing new energy solutions to the European market in Central and Eastern Europe involving the automotive, petrochemical and energy sectors. The company describes itself as an “accelerator that connects leading industrial groups in Central Europe with suppliers of cutting-edge technologies”. Currently, InoBat has planned a pan-European battery excellence center based in Slovakia.

The MOL Group is an oil company, which owns almost 2,000 filling stations – above all in Central and Eastern Europe. According to the company’s targets, the plan is to provide customers there with both traditional and alternative fuels by 2030., (Both in German)


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