Efacec presents next-gen QC45 fast charger


At the EVS32, the Portuguese charging infrastructure manufacturer Efacec presented the second generation of its QC45 fast charger, which, according to Efacac, offers considerable improvements in hardware and software.

The fast charger has the two DC charging connections CHAdeMO and CCS, which can provide up to 50 kW. There is also an AC charging connection without a fixed cable, which can be used to charge up to 22 kW.

With almost 4,000 fast chargers on five continents, most of which are in Europe and North America, Efacec says it is investing in the continuous development of its products to meet the current and future needs of EV users. This will also be reflected in the revised QC45 fast charger. The strongly revised design immediately makes a significantly different visual impression – above all, the QC45 has become significantly slimmer. Previously there was only a TFT display with haptic buttons, now there is also a touch screen option. The first generation still had a fixed type 2 cable for charging capacities of up to 43 kW. The second generation, on the other hand, is only equipped with a Type 2 socket, which can provide up to 22 kW.



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