Electric aerial racing series may take off soon


Alauda’s plans to create a racing series using electric VTOLs is nearing fruition. At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a series of prototypes and technical details were revealed.

A single driver would then sit behind the steering wheel of the electric flying car, which would race at speeds around 100 km/h while speeding about 4 metres above the ground on average. The plan for the first Airspeeder World Championship is to take off in 2020 with five teams and ten pilots.

The vehicles themselves are VTOLs equipped with exchangeable 500 kW battery packs and eight 50 kW motors, which can be powered at full thrust for 15 minutes, according to the manufacturer. A built in augmented reality system will then provide the pilots with an improved field of vision and extra information to make this a true race of the future.

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