Ford and Centrica team up on charging in UK and Ireland


In a new deal to increase the uptake of electric cars in the UK and Ireland, Ford and British Gas subsidiary Centrica, have put together a number of home-charging offers.

The two companies are able to deliver charger installations and special energy tariffs for new Ford electric cars. Ford will thus work exclusively with Centrica to deliver a dedicated home charging installation service and EV tariffs from British Gas and Bord Gáis Energy that will allow Ford customers to benefit from lower energy prices for overnight charging.

Charging and installation services will also be offered across “hundreds” of Ford dealerships, claims Centrica in their press release.

Ford recently made a commitment to releasing an electric version (incl. mild, full and plug-in hybrids) of every new passenger vehicle model. When presenting the company’s electrification strategy for Europe back in April this year, Ford almost exclusively cited hybrids for its electrified models. Now it seems that the Mustang-styled SUV promised for 2020 and the Electric Transit in 2021 should be fully electric exceptions.

Andy Barratt, Managing Director of Ford of Britain, said: “With their scale, experience and access to the electric grid, our partnership with Centrica will enable us to offer a one-stop-shop for our customers as they transition to an electrified vehicle, including exciting new vehicle options, wall box, installation service and electricity tariff.”

Centrica is also working with other car manufacturers to support the uptake of electric vehicles. The British company has also expanded its digital service, Local Heroes, to offer home charging installations as well as package solutions for larger businesses that include new solar and battery storage facilities.,,


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