Tesla loses another production manager


Tesla lost another important manager this month: J. Eric Purcell. Purcell spent almost seven years with Tesla and was most recently responsible for production quality at the Fremont plant.

During his tenure at Tesla, Purcell held various positions in Fremont, including Head of Car Body Manufacturing, Punching and Tooling. He has been Director of Manufacturing Quality since 2016.

However, his new employer is unusual. Purcell did not move within the automotive or tech industries, but has been with Gibson Guitar Corporation in Tennessee the start of August. This is evident from his LinkedIn profile. There he is the director responsible for worldwide quality.

In the current year, four managers responsible for production have already left the electric car pioneer, including production manager Peter Hochholdinger. The other two production managers, Charles Mwangi and Shen Jackson, have left Tesla for a start-up that has nothing to do with the automotive industry. Jan Oehmicke, Vice President Tesla Europe, left the company in July. Sascha Zahnd, previously Vice President Global Supply Chain at Tesla, is regarded as a possible, but not yet confirmed successor.

CFO Deepak Ahuja took his hat at the end of January and since then Zach Kirkhorn has been the new CFO. And in the conference call on the occasion of the figures for the second quarter, CTO JB Straubel announced his resignation from the Management Board, to be replaced by Drew Baglino.


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