Aug 21, 2019 - 11:51 am

Jaguar wants to redefine the car, literally


Jaguar has launched a new PR campaign for its I-Pace electric model, addressing the creators of the prestigious Oxford English Dictionary. The dictionary still defines the “car” as a “road vehicle powered by a combustion engine”.

In order to update the outdated entries as quickly as possible, Jaguar has submitted a formal request alongside their social media campaign. When the update will go through, or whether JLR will have to stick with their “electric SUV” designation for the I-Pace is still unclear, but the company makes a good point: “A lot of time and thought is put into the name of any new vehicle or technology to ensure it is consumer-friendly, so it’s surprising to see that the definition of the car is a little outdated,” said David Browne, head of the Jaguar Land Rover naming committee.

Both the Oxford English Dictionary and Oxford Dictionaries will now review the application.,


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