VW’s Electrify America teams up with Greenlots


VW subsidiary Electrify America has turned to U.S. company Greenlots as it seeks to utilise their operating platform Sky. VW must install fast-charging infrastructure across the States following diesel-gate.

The new technology may enable Electrify America to install and more so operate and manage the charging stations VW has to set up following its fraud on diesel emissions.

Sky will act as a “virtual command center” for Electrify America. Greenlots’ technology will enable VW to effectively build, operate and manage its high-power charging network by providing real-time charger status, utilization data, dynamic pricing capabilities and predictive analytics to identify future maintenance.

Overall, Electrify America will invest 2 billion dollars over the next 10 years in EV infrastructure and awareness. The company is currently implementing Cycle 1 of its investment plan, an initial investment of 500 million dollars, that calls for over 2,000 chargers in California and 38 states.



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