Chevy gives the Bolt a battery upgrade


The Chevrolet Bolt now has a slightly increased range of up to 259 miles (approx. 417 km) in the new model year. The battery capacity was slightly increased thanks to a new cell chemistry.

In a press release, General Motors now states the capacity at 66 kWh, six kWh more than the previous version. Compared to earlier model years, the range thus increases by around 34 kilometres. The battery pack itself will not be changed in the update, according to the announcement, the battery technicians have made “small but effective changes” to the cell chemistry.

“At Chevrolet we’re constantly listening to customer feedback and we heard the desire for more range,” says Tim Grewe, director of global battery cell technology and strategy at Chevrolet. The 2020 Bolt will be available later this year at a base price starting at $37,495 (excluding taxes).

It is unclear whether the sister model Opel Ampera-e will also receive the improved battery cells. On the one hand, it would make sense for GM not to supply its competitors with the latest cell technology after selling Opel to PSA. On the other hand, the production of two different batteries could increase costs. As soon as Opel responds to the inquiry, we will pass it on here.


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