Aug 26, 2019 - 03:40 pm

EU Commission calls for 1 million charging stations


The EU Commission is striving for near-complete climate neutrality by 2050 and intends to initiate numerous measures to ensure this. According to a media report, there will also be an e-mobility offensive.

As local media in Brussels reported about the draft priority list of the Commission, the number of charging stations is to increase by one million by 2025 in the course of the offensive. This is intended to relieve citizens of their “fear of range”, range anxiety in other words. As the newspaper writes, “the billions needed for this are already partly planned and could partly be redeployed within the EU Cohesion Fund”.

The letter states: “A (quasi) completely climate-neutral Europe by 2050 is possible”. The fight against climate change is “one of the most important goals”. The measures listed alongside the expansion of the charging pillars include a “roadmap” for the development of offshore wind energy, large-scale consumers such as the European steelmakers should make their processes more climate-friendly, and flying should also become more expensive.

According to the report, the document in which the projects for the first months of the new EU Commission are collected currently comprises 173 pages. However, one point is missing: a target increase in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Ursula von der Leyen, President-elect of the Commission, had made a strong case for this.

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    Please what was the calculations for 1m and proportion by type.

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