Micro Mobility manages to block Artega Karolino


There has been a development in the dispute between Micro Mobility Systems and Artega regarding the Microlino clone Karolino. Micro Mobility has now succeeded in court, so that Artega’s version of the mini EV may no longer be advertised and therefore not be presented at the IAA.

The decision of the court in Munich came into force today. For Artega’s Karolino, planned for market release this year, that is a massive setback. For the company Micro Mobility, from whom the electric vehicle design originates, the decision of the higher regional court marks a vital success.

Back in 2015, the Swiss Ouboter family, which stands behind Micro Mobility, started the development of the Microlino, an electric cabin scooter. The BMW Isetta-style vehicle made many headlines, collected as many as 15,000 reservations, and was supposed to be built by the Italian company TMI on its behalf. The start of series production was repeatedly delayed, partly due to quality problems.

In the meantime, the Westphalian company Artega had taken over the Italian contract manufacturer TMI and was also supposed to push ahead with Microlino production. However, Artega boss Klaus Dieter Frers had other intentions: In May 2019, he announced the launch of the Karolino under the Artega brand. The quasi-clone of the Microlino had allegedly been improved in over 150 points and was to be presented at the IAA.

The fact that this will not happen has to do with one of two lawsuits filed by the Ouboter family. On the one hand, the Swiss wanted a temporary injunction to prevent the Karolino from being shown and advertised. In a second lawsuit, financial claims are made against Artega because the company from Delbrück allegedly violated the contract between the two companies. For now, the court in Munich has followed the charge.

“We won in all points, which means that they cannot exhibit the Karolino at the IAA – the Frankfurt Motor Show – or advertise it on his website”, Merlin Ouboter told media representatives. According to Ouboter, the Karolinos shown so far are even Microlinos from the TMI production, which Artega only changed optically.

In mid-August, Frers rejected the accusations. “In Germany, we do not influence an ongoing court case with press releases. This is the reason why we have not yet published a statement,” said Frers. And continues: “In about ten days the truth about the case will come out, and then you and others will see the hard facts and not our version of the facts.”

It is unclear so far whether Artega will proceed against the decision of the Munich court. At the latest at the IAA, we will have the answer.


about „Micro Mobility manages to block Artega Karolino“
Inogo van Dijke
28.08.2019 um 07:51
Ik had graag gezien dat Artega met 150 punten met verbetering op de Karolina op de markt kwam. Zeker de axeradius van 400km is interessant. Jammer dat die twee niet samen.kunnen werken.
Inigo Dijke
30.08.2019 um 11:25
Jammer dat de belangen van de consument een ondergeschikte rol spelen. Hopelijk gast de productie van de Karolino wel door.
Alberto Nencioni
15.09.2019 um 17:27
It is strange that we want embargos and extra taxes against China for alleged violations of patents, but we consider perfect OK for a German company to steal the invention of a Swiss one.
Guy Schepers
16.09.2019 um 18:10
Wacht tot BMW zich moeit : ...
Tom Webster
17.09.2019 um 10:07
...and the truth of the situation is that the two companies will fight and fight. The lawyers will get richer and the car will miss the opportunity to make an impact on the market by the time it eventually gets released. Sad, so sad.

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