Not all Tesla fire is what you think


Although electric cars are statistically less or not more likely to catch fire than combustion engines (it’s in the name!), reports of burning electric cars always cause much excitement – especially when a Tesla is affected.

So yes, admittedly, there have been incidents of burning Teslas before, although again, one wonders how it is that ICEs regularly burn in case of an accident without anyone taking notice. Okay, it is not too surprising.

However, we also remember well this case when it appeared as if a Model S had “spontaneously” caught fire when it later turned out, the owner had shot a bullet into the battery.

What Tesla learnt from it was to look into reported incidents more thoroughly, and in the following case of a burning Model X in China, that method paid once more.

It turns out, it was arson and in a way the oldest stories in the world. A jealous man had set the fire and was later convicted thanks to surveillance cameras.


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