EasyJet to launch hybrid route between Amsterdam & London


EasyJet plans to deploy plug-in hybrid aircraft on its routes between Amsterdam and London airports within the next ten years. To achieve this, EasyJet is cooperating with Airbus and Wright Electric.

The aim is to develop a hybrid aircraft with space for 150 passengers. About two years ago, EasyJet had already concluded a cooperation agreement with Wright Electric, which at the time still aimed at purely electric aircraft.

In October 2018, there were first reports that EasyJet and Wright Electric wanted to do their first test flights with purely electrically powered nine-seater aircraft this year. The long-term goal is to cover distances of 500 kilometres in about ten years with larger electric aircraft to serve the London-Amsterdam connection electrically, for example. “Electric flying is becoming a reality, and we can now foresee a future that is not exclusively dependent on jet fuel,” EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren said just over a year ago. But so far little has been said about the planned test flights.

Instead, PHEV aeroplanes are to be used for the time being. For this purpose, the British airline, together with Airbus and Wright Electric designed a hybrid aircraft for 150 passengers. This is to be used from 2030. The route from the Polderbaan to the gate will also be purely electric. After all, this route would take about 15 minutes. A prototype with nine seats is to be built shortly.



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