EVBox joins EEBUS for interoperability in IoT


EVBox recently joined the EEBUS Initiative e.V. and has started to integrate the EEBUS specifications into all future products. This includes wall boxes for private homes as well as public and commercial charging stations.

The interoperability alliance aims to provide technical home charging benefits for customers, as well as create more intelligent grid solutions. For EVBox, EEBUS is the “essential needed link for the integration of e-mobility into the grid,” says Peter van Praet, CCO at EVBox, and link to all smart applications.

According to their website, EEBUS’ mission is to “enable devices to communicate on energy-related use cases across the sector, technology, and manufacturer barriers.” By networking the grid interoperably, the initiative aims to utilise the grid more efficiently, so that “energy demand and storage flexibility of EVs can be managed together with appliances and heating in the connected building”.


Marc Eulen, the managing partner at EEBUS-member KEO, was glad about the addition of EVBox technical expertise in their alliance: “In only a few years, most buildings will have the ability to offer EV charging. Smart energy management and interoperable connectivity are critical factors for success. Comprehensive integration of EVs, their charging devices and the grid will be necessary if we are to switch to electric mobility as a standard.”



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